Juan Ortega

Juan completely embodies the archetype of what a tattooer should be. After 28 years on the job, through some incredibly trying and life threatening times, he has emerged at the top of his game as an artist and person.

34 years ago, Juan became enamored by the styling of prison and biker art. Major influences include Paul Jefferies, Jack Rudy, his contemporary Scott Sylvia, and the late Greg Irons. He has been around the block in more ways than one, and still loves tattooing as much as ever. He enjoys large black and grey work and traditional tattoos, but will rock whatever comes in the door.

Grounded, lighthearted, humble, and devoted, Juan is a community-based tattooer. He serves regular folks with healthy doses of strong tattooing. His attitude towards life is reflected in his work; solid, clean, and true to his roots. Biker tattoos by a guy you can bring home to Grandma.


INSTAGRAM - @armyofjuan69